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The Leaf Residences has all the luxurious amenities and facilities that anyone can enjoy. All work and no play certainly makes one a dull person, so the saying goes. You will always experience a life full of leisure and recreation here as you get to utilize all the amenities they have in the community. 

As with all SMDC properties, this community provides these facilities for every resident’s comfort and security: elevators, WIFI zones, fire alarm systems, mailroom, front desk/doorman services and professional Property Managers. Here’s more: they have 24x7 security so you can be assured that you and your love ones are safe and secure all the time. 

For one, what will enthrall you as you enter this residence are the grand lobbies that showcase tasteful interiors and luxurious designs. These lobbies certainly are a grand welcome to this home that you will love for life. 

As you walk within the neighborhood, you would notice a lot of outdoor lounges that you can use as you try to unwind and relax during your off days and weekends.  There’s a landscaped walkway, too, that’s surely as relaxing as can be.  Chill and just bask in the sun as you stay and relax in these lounges - feeling and breathing the fresh air and soaking up in all the greeneries around you. Pocket parks are all over the place so you have the perfect sanctuary for refreshing and recharging. Come and bond with your families as you just enjoy your “we” time. Exciting and fun times ahead as you build new memories with these simple joys. Your presence around your families certainly will rejuvenate you as you face another week of hustle. It’s nice that you can do this right in your own neighborhood. No need to go out of your own home. Pretty cool, isn’t it? 

Speaking of family bonding, what better way to do it than having swimming sessions with your love ones?   This community offers 2 types of pools: adult pool and kiddie pool. The kids can also bond with your neighbors’ kids and play with water to their hearts’ content. We all know how kids love to play in the swimming pool – as if there’s no tomorrow.  Let them enjoy the pool as you mingle with the parent-neighbors of these kids. Why? You can also join in the fun as you enjoy the water, too, at the adult pool. Or perhaps, just bask in the sun as you cool off with your favorite drinks and munch on your food and chips. Just enjoy the moment and treat this as just another day for bonding and sharing memories with dear ones and friends from the community. Isn’t that looks too exciting? 

Celebrating special occasions and milestones – is it always something to look forward to, right?  At Leaf Residences, you will have the comforts of doing it right in your own home. No need to go out, look out for and rent a place. You can do it within the community since there is a Function room available for these events. Celebrate your birthdays, wedding or baby showers, baptismal parties and graduation parties here as you invite relatives and friends. Surely, you will save a lot of time, effort and money if you do your family parties here. Another occasion worth celebrating? Do it right here. 

Health is wealth – this famous quote really hold true up to this day. If you want to be active and healthy – do it in style right here in your neighborhood.  There are jogging paths and landscaped walkways where you can run, walk everyday. Refresh all your senses as you take in the relaxing sceneries within your sight. Fitness stations are all around you – where you can do your usual daily workout routines and also engage in the more relaxing exercises, such as Pilates and Yoga. These two(2) are definitely low-impact and relaxing forms of exercises.  Invite your friends over as you do your workouts here. That will be more fun and exciting. Bonding over exercises is certainly one way to keep fit and healthy. Building strong relationships with family and friends is the bonus. What are you waiting for? 

Finally, commercial areas that you truly cannot ignore surround this community. All life’s comforts and conveniences are within the vicinity that’s why what you need is readily available. What’s more? All the basic services that you and your family want and need are yours for the taking here. No need to step out and travel to the malls or other places in the city since everything is available here. Wow, how awesome is that? It’s like a “one-stop-shop” center where everything is available. It will surely save you time, money and effort.  

Seems life is almost, if not complete here – don’t you agree? What a wonderful way to live and stay in a community where you can have anything at your doorsteps. 

  • Swimming Pools
  • Grand Lobbies
  • Clubhouse
  • Jogging Path
  • Lounge Deck
  • Playground
  • Lawn Area
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